Do you have an open door policy?

Yes, parents are welcome to drop in at any time of the day to sit in our comfortable reception, have a cup of coffee, watch CCTV with your own mouse to see anywhere in the school so you can see your child playing and you can speak to the registrar.  If they want to speak to the principal or deputy, as long as they are not previously engaged, they will be more than happy to meet with you.  If the key worker is on prep or assessment time, you are welcome to speak to them too.  However, if the key worker is on the floor with her class, this will not be possible and an appointment to meet with her will need to be made or she can phone you later in the day to discuss your issue.

How many children do you have in a class?

Guidelines require each child to have 1m2 of space in their home room class.  A room measuring 4m by 4m can have 16 children in it. The Falcon follows strict guidelines for safety and optimal learning enjoyment.

What are the class ratios?

As per ministry guidelines, the following adult/child ratios are adhered to:

Babies under 1 year – 1:3 ratio
Cruisers above 1 year and under 2 years – 1:4 ratio
Preschoolers above 2 years and under 3 years – 1:6 ratio
KG1 and KG2 above 3 years and under 5 years 1:9 ratio

As per the Ministry of Social Affairs, children reaching the age of 5 years old need to be in transferred to primary school unless special short term permission is granted from the ministry for your child to stay in the nursery school.

Can I bring my child to school when he/she is sick?

No.  Please read the sickness policy as part of the registration documents.  All parents are required to sign a medical consent form as well as medicine form as part of the registration documents.  Should your child get sick at school, the policy will be followed.

What do I do if I am late and want to send someone else to collect my child?

All children’s registration files have photos and ID attached of who is authorized to collect your child. Should another person not included on this list need to collect your child, they will need to provide your parent pass word and a copy of their ID. The school will confirm the change of collection plans with you before allowing the child to leave the nursery with the person coming to collect the child.

How do I drop off and collect my child?
At the start of the day the children will move into the assembly area for 15 minutes drop off time. Your child will be ready for collection at the end of the afternoon and midday sessions depending on your requirements at registration. If your child is collected after this time, the security will collect your child from the school return him/her to you. Please ensure you pay the late collection fee before leaving. If you need the timings changed, please inform the registrar.

My child is very attached to me. Will my child cry?

All children are different. A child’s ability to transition from home to school depends on their personality, emotional fortitude and their past history. Often a child’s greatest fear is that they will never be picked up from school. Once they feel safe in the knowledge that they are cared for and you are coming back to get them, they usually settle.

Help your child by being strong enough to let go. Once you have done your research and chosen a school that is safe, fun and academically engaging, get prepared for the big day – the start of school.

A settling in period of two weeks is recommended for children who are new to a nursery setting. Speak to the principal, deputy or your child’s teacher to plan ways to help your child settle.

Some tips that have been proven to reduce parent and child stress are:
1. Role play going to school with your child before the big day.
2. Let your child choose their new bag, lunch bag and stationery.
3. Talk to your child about what to expect at school.
4. Attend orientation and let your child meet the staff and see the classrooms.
5. During the first week, drop off a little early and collect a little early.
6. Come into class, settle your child and meet the teachers.
7. Show your child the amount of time you are going to be away for on your watch, say “goodbye and see you later”. Some children cry, but know that our teaching staff are trained to support your child in separating successfully in order to enjoy their school days at The Falcon. There is a parent seating area (Hangout Hide) where parents can watch their children on CCTV during the transition period. In the first week/s parents may be asked to do limited timings until their child settles.
8. Be aware that a parent showing distress will cause the child distress and anxiety.

What should I pack for my child?

For a trouble free day, please pack the following items :
1. Nappies, pull-ups, wipes, cotton wool, wipes, nappy cream in a labelled bag (if required):
2. Two spare sets of labelled clothes including items like a shirt, shorts, underwear etc.
3. Labelled sun hat and sun cream (if required) and special clothing required for the day
4. Parent provided snack in an insulated, labelled box/bag for morning break, lunch and afternoon break. Please pack water. Food will be kept refrigerated until snack and lunch time.

What is considered a healthy snack?

Please ask to see our healthy food policy.
Please pack any of these healthy snacks and drink examples:

Sandwiches and Buns
Bread sticks
Cheese, humus, vegetables, chicken, cheese, egg

Vegetables Cold tea infusions (chamomile) Apples, pear, kiwi, banana, apricots, raisins, dates, carrots, cucumbers, tomato
Noodles Pasta Rice Potato
Yoghurt Laban/Milk Crackers Seeds – pumpkin, sunflower
Egg Cheese Water Juice (no sugar)

Please do not pack these unhealthy snacks and drinks:
Candy Chocolate (spread, candy or milk) Cake Soda (Eg: 7-Up, Mirinda, Coke, Pepsi)
Cookies Nuts (due to allergies) Pudding Fast Food (Eg: McDonalds, Burger King) and processed food (Eg: nuggets and fries)

My child is a fussy eater. Will my child eat at school?

Children enjoy snack time as part of a social experience as well as a time of learning.  Teachers and children sit together to eat and discuss the food the children have brought while linking it to the 7 areas of learning.  Eating in a relaxed social group often helps a fussy eater consume foods sent from home. Teachers will also suggest food your child shows an interest in during snack time.

How does The Falcon manage behavior?

The Falcon uses numerous positive reinforcement techniques including traffic lighting, the thinking chair and golden time at the end of the day.  Speak to staff about the home / school agreement which helps support parents.

What is the home / school agreement?

This is a set of expectations and promises the school makes to you and you make to the school to support your child to be the best that they can be.

My child is having a birthday. Can I bring in gifts and a cake?

Children need to give advance warning of a birthday cake being brought into class.  Children with an allergy or who have parents that do not want their child eating cake need to be catered for too.  For these children a healthy alternative can be provided – speak to your child’s teacher about healthy alternatives to cake. The party cake can be served after mid-morning or midday snack to ensure minimal impact on the class.  Children will be The Falcon Leader of their day on their birthday.    If gifts for children in the class are being brought to school, these need to be safe and age appropriate.

What do I do if I have an issue I need resolved?

If you have any issue you wish to discuss, please speak to the principal.  Additionally, our quality assurance team at can provide support any issue not resolved in a timely manner.  A reply from a quality representative and plan for resolution should be communicated back within 24 hours of the issue being raised.

I paid my school fees for the year in advance, but I have to relocate to another country at the end of term 2. How do I get a refund for term 3?

Please refer to the fees payment and refund policy for all discounts and corporate discounts available.

I have two children. Do I have a discount at The Falcon?

Please refer to the fees payment and refund policy for all discounts and corporate discounts available.