Enriched Areas of Learning

The Falcon has additional enrichment programs throughout the day (check school specific areas) to support the curriculum and our mission, vision and values.

1. Falcon Sports Club
Physical education and gymnastics classes to promote exercise, health and wellbeing. The perfect way to start the active day.

2. Falcon Music Club
Magnificent music area for children to play instruments from around the world. Music and movement to enhance the creative development curriculum.

3. Falcon Discovery Lab
Sensational science lab for experiments and exploring the natural wonders from around the world. Learn to guess the unexpected outcome and make a hypothesis. Explore the wonderful world close up with magnifying glasses and microscopes.

4. Falcon City
Amazing theme changing role play area. A range of experiences for future pilots, explorers, fashionistas, doctors, vets, postmasters, fire fighters….. the list goes on and on.

5. Falcon Warriors
Made of recycling and teaching the values of the 4 Rs, this wonderful world of wonder lets children’s imaginations run wild. What will they create today?

6. Falcon Arabic and Islamic (optional) Falcon Area
Proud to be living in the land of Sheikh Zayed’s legacy, this Arabic heritage, language and culture class is created in a traditional setting.
For Muslim students, The Falcon offers optional Islamic classes twice a week.
Non-Muslim students are offered classes in an alternate area during this time.

7. French Falcon
Oui oui madame et monsieur, we have French classes for your petit enfant. With the Eifel Tower, berets and blue and white stripes adorning the area, the children are transported to France in the blink of an eye.

8. Falcon University Library
Brilliant book library and computer area for children – a taste of the past with a touch of the future in one special area.

9. Falcon Mini Chef
To become a celebrity chef, certifiably sensational cookery classes are on offer every week to treat the taste buds. While enjoying measuring and mixing, the children make their sumptuous creations.

10. Falcon Theatre
Drama, drama, drama. Who said the world is a stage? At the Falcon it is. Productions to take your breath away as well as fabulously fun make believe and imagination infused classes.

11. Falcon World
Magnificent movement area with soft play hard foam shapes and much more for physical development and social interaction.

12. Falcon Five
Light, touch and sound creatively combined for a unique experience to tantalize the senses.

13. Falcon Adventure Zone
Learning continues outside with our enchanted themed play areas suitable for a diverse set of age groups. A trip through history combined with international play standard equipment will delight your child and bring a sense of wonder and joy to the learning experience. Our sensory garden will have budding nature enthusiasts bursting with excitement.

14. Falcon Montessori
Stunning sensorial, literacy and mathematical and practical life Montessori equipment for your children to use and explore.