Falcon British Nursery celebrated the culmination of One World Week with a fantastic International day for the students and parents.  The nursery school parent representatives’ suggestion was based on focusing learning around the topics of diversity and tolerance.  The parent reps believe that this is the only way to teach the next generation about how to peacefully co-exist with one another which is why it was such an important event on the nursery school calendar. 

The principal, Ms Amelia Brown said that the UAE is described as the ‘Oasis of Tolerance’ and that is why we were so appreciative of our International Day participating parents being part of this grassroots education program regarding mutual respect, cooperation and compassion.  Seeing artifacts, tasting food and hearing music from different countries helped teach our children that we are all one race – the human race – and wherever we are from, we all have special something to add to the world.    In the words of some of the children “We are all same same, but different.’  which is why it is so amazing to be brought up as a child here in the UAE.   The children loved stamping their mini passports when going from country to country.  The nursery school, located close to Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi and catering to over 200 students aged 0 to 4 years old has close to 30 nationalities learning in the school and on international day many of those were represented including the UAE, Iraq, South Korea, Germany, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Philippines, India, Croatia, Jordan, Lebanon, Ukraine, New Zealand, UK, South Africa and USA.  Parents and children alike took the message of tolerance home. 
One World Week is celebrated from the 22nd to the 29th October and includes United Nations Day on the 24th October.  The common purpose of One World Week is to share understanding about global issues and to recognise we can all make a difference.  Falcon British Nursery, the only UK accredited Nursery school in Abu Dhabi was proud to be part of the initiative.

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