The following documents will need to be supplied to the nursery school for your child to be registered.

  • 6 recent passport photographs of the child
  • 1 copy of the child’s Emirates ID
  • 1 copy of the child’s passport and residence visa
  • 1 copy of the child’s immunization record
  • 1 copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • 1 passport photo of the parents and each of the people designated to collect your child.
  • 1 copy of the parent’s Emirates ID
  • 1 copy of the parent’s passport and residence visa
  • 1 signed registration form
  • 1 signed medical form and medical consent form
  • 1 signed home school partnership promise
  • 1 signed fees and refund policy
  • 1 transportation agreement (if required)
  • Term fees paid prior to starting at Falcon
  • Once your child begins, Falcon recommends that parents give their children time to settle into the nursery by bringing them for a shortened day which gradually increased during the first 2 weeks to the full day your child is registered for.   
  • Please ensure that Falcon always has your updated and current details including contact phone numbers and email as well as updating documentation that has expired.

Terms and Conditions of Falcon British Nursery

1. General Terms

1.1 Booking a place

  • a. It is very easy to register with Falcon British Nursery in 5 steps.
    To book a tour of the school, please call or email the registrar. 
  • b. Complete the application form on line or download the paper version. 
  • c. Hand in the application to one of our staff on the front desk team or check you have received a received confirmation email from the registrar for online applications. 
  • d. The registrar will check to see if there is a place for your child in the age group you require. 
  • e. The registrar will contact you with confirmation by email and invite your child for their play date at school once a place has been assigned. 

Please be aware new parents that completing your application form does not guarantee your child a place.  The registrar will check for places and all outstanding documentation and fees need to be paid prior to your child starting in the nursery.  

1.2 Settling

We understand that all children take a different amount of time to settle into nursery.  We will work with you as parents to help your child settle as quickly as possible.  If you are at all worried about the time your child is taking to settle, we will set up a meeting with the teacher, registrar, principal or deputy to find solutions for your child.  Please also ask as many questions as possible during your child’s starter play session and let us know about your child’s likes and dislikes. 

We recommend shortened days for the first two weeks until your child has had a chance to get used to the setting and form a bond with the teachers.  For new parents, the list of supplies for your child to provide in school will be sent by email from the registrar as part of the welcome pack.  

1.3 Supplies

The following items are required by Falcon when your child starts and should be replenished as needed.  

  • a. Nappy change requirements (nappies, cream, wipes / cotton balls, cloths / towels etc), two sets of clothes that are labelled etc, 
  • b. A healthy snack for the times your child will eat at the school / completing the form to have food delivered.  Please label your food bag and containers with your child’s name and which food needs to be given at which times.  Please see the food policy on our app to know what food is permitted in the school.  Please also note that we are a nut free zone.  Should you wish the food to be reheated, please send a container that is microwave safe.
  • c. Non disposable water bottle (reusable and BPA free)
  • d. Sunscreen (if not applied at home).  Please note that our nursery playground is fully shaded.

1.4 Policies

The new registration documents contain the complaints policy as well as the fees and refund policy which both need to be signed.  Other policies and agreements are located on the registration form as a tick box list.  Parents have a copy of all the policies on the parent app and you can access them at any time.  If polices are updated, they will also be updated on the app.  

1.5 Keeping your child’s place in the nursery after registration 

For returning parents, one month prior to the end of the term, you will be asked to confirm your place for the following term.  You can do this by paying a deposit for the term which is non refundable.  This will secure your place for the next term and we will ensure your child has a space in their class.  Without paying the deposit returning parents will not be guaranteed a place in the same class or another class for the following term.  (see the Fees and Refund Policy) 

1.6 Fees

Please see Fees menu for our current fees.  Our fees were approved in 2014 and have not increased since we opened the school in 2014.  Any future fee increase request needs to be approved by ADEK.  If costs have increased to the point of needing to increase fees, we will inform parents at the start of the third term prior to them being raised in term 1 of the following year only if we intend to raise fees and only if they are approved by ministry.   

We aim to provide a value for money, quality UK education to support working parents and we are mindful of the cost of education.  

We are a term time establishment.  Parents that do not wish to use holiday club can prorate their fees accordingly.  During our holiday club / camps parents can choose to pay by week which gives parents added flexibility.  Our fees and refund policy provide clear guidance for fees and refunds in accordance to ministry standards.   Please be aware that our term fees need to be paid prior to the start of the term to secure the child’s place.   We offer corporate and sibling discounts on term time fees only.  Please ask the registrar which companies we have agreements with at the time of your tour.  As per our fees and refund policy, fees include all public holidays, ADEK directives for closures, and government required closures.    All changes and all requests including changes of timings need to be done in writing to the registrar at her email address.  Please be aware that we cannot accept verbal requests from parents for changes to the contract.  If approved, the changes requested will be dated from the day the registrar receives the email.  

1.7 Keeping track of your child’s items

We request that all items sent to the school need to be labelled.  Falcon is not held responsible for items that are not labelled not being sent back with the child.  Staff are required to have items placed in your child’s storage area or in their bag.  However, in the unlikely event that an item is mislaid, please contact the registrar who will endeavour to find the item that is missing.  We will do our best to return it to you at your home the same day.  

2. Child well being, health and safety

On our parent app there is a copy of our health and safety policy as well as the child protection policy.  

2.1 Arrivals in the morning

Ensuring children are safely handed over to our staff at the start of the day is an important health and safety requirement for our nursery school.  A list of the staff on duty at different times will be on display in the lobby.

The procedure for arrivals in the morning are as simple as 1 – 2 – 3 !

  • a. Parents have who have signed their children up for early drop off will have a staff member assigned from their age group to look after your child.  
  • b. You and your child will be greeted warmly when you arrive in the lobby.  
  • c. You are required to sign your child in on the parent app and your child will be temperature checked.  Please see the illness and exclusion policy.  Anyone who signs your child in is required to have their parent code.  Codes can be changed at any time by the parent.  If you have any issues with your parent app, please speak to the administrator assistant. 
  • d. When arriving before 9am, please note that there is always a member from the admin team, nursing team and teaching team on duty at all times of the day including early morning.  The welcome team is on duty in the lobby from the opening time of our nursery until 9am.  Our parent liaison and registrar works 8am to 4pm if you need to discuss any issues you may have or you can speak to the person on the admin team.  We ask that all requests for your child (eg: starting potty training) are given directly to someone on admin team rather than one of the other staff members to ensure that your request is known by everyone who works in admin.  If your session starts at 8am, we advise arriving at 8am to ensure your child gets the full home room and extended learning time.  
  • e. After 9am, children arriving will need to be taken to reception to sign them in with the admin team.  You will need to ensure the child is handed over to one of our admin staff members.  The staff member will hand your child over to one of their class teachers / nurses.  Due to safety constraints, parents cannot walk around the school unaccompanied.  If you would like to take your child to class, just let us know and we will assign a staff member to accompany you to the classroom. 

2.2 Leaving in the afternoon

Children leave at multiple times during the day.  Please check that you collect your child up to the time you have signed up.   We temperate check all children every afternoon when they are leaving.  Once your child has been signed out on the app, a staff member will take your child to their class.  

2.3 Eating and drinking

We have morning and afternoon snack at approximately 9am and 2:30 as well as a midday snack at approximately 12pm and an evening snack at approximately 4:30pm.  Water is freely available from the water coolers placed throughout the school and your child will have their water bottle with him/her throughout the day. We ask children to drink water every hour and this will be recorded in your parent app.  Please be aware that we only allow children to drink formula milk from a baby bottle to the age of 2.  After this children should be using a cup.  From the age of 18 months, children will be helped to wean off the baby bottle and onto the cup.  Speak to your child’s teacher if you have any questions regarding weaning.  Please be aware that we do not force feed a child.  Our policy is to return any uneaten food at the end of the day so that you can see what has / has not been eaten as well as having information provided on the parent app.   If you have the packed lunch from our healthy snack partner, the box will be placed in the bag at the end of the day if there is any food remaining. 

2.4 Settling in period

We understand that you may wish to check that your child has settled.  
You are welcome to watch your child’s movements on CCTV in our parent lounge in reception and have a cup of coffee or tea while you wait.   It takes a few minutes to bring your child to reception in the afternoon when collecting your child.  Please call as you are arriving to allow us a few minutes to bring your child to reception.  The staff runners / your child’s teacher will bring your child to the parent lounge in reception where admin will temperature check him/her before leaving. If you are late, please let us know and see the accountant to settle the late stay fee.

2.5 Communication

Please note that your parent app will have notes from your child’s teacher for the day about what they did and if you do not see your child’s teacher either during drop off or collection, you will get a phone call from the teacher once a week to discuss your child’s progress.  

2.6 Child protection

Safety and child protection are our priorities.  We are an equal opportunity employer and your child’s right to a place at our school is not dependent on cultural background, ethnicity, gender or if a child is a child of determination receiving support.  Our SENCO and our staff will work with any SEN agency to support special needs.  The nursery works with external agencies and with shadow teachers to support children and our staff participate in SEN training.  We believe in inclusive education and will work with parents to support all children in reaching their full potential.

Children have the right to a safe experience while in the nursery irrespective of their cultural background, ethnicity, gender or if they are a child of determination receiving support .   Children have the right to be protected from physical, sexual and mental abuse as well as neglect.   Please be aware of the child rights law on your parent app.  We endeavour to do what is best for your child at all items. Please also be aware that we are required by law to seek support from ADEK or the MOI if there is suspected child abuse or child neglect that impacts on the well being of the child.  

3. Medical Requirements

3.1 Sickness and contagious diseases

During term time, if your child becomes ill at home our admin staff will call to find out why your child is absent.  If we cannot get hold of the parent, we will send you a message on the app. Please notify the school as to the nature of your child’s absenteeism.  The more we know about the nature of the illnesses your child may experience, the easier it is to prevent cross contamination.  

If your child becomes ill / has an accident at the nursery, the parent liaison will inform you and keep you updated as to the treatment in the clinic.  For accidents like cuts, grazes, bumps, the parent liaison will inform you as soon as your child has had a clinic visit.  If additional information is needed, the parent liaison will watch CCTV to see what took place before the accident, discuss the incident with the staff on duty and will always keep you informed.  We often use CCTV videos during our meetings for staff training and policy review compliance.  
Please be aware that we keep an accident log which will require a signature.  You will also get information on the clinic visit on your parent app.   The nursery will make every effort to notify parents should their child become ill whilst at the nursery.  If we deem your child unwell, we reserve the right to take your child to the clinic and in an emergency, we reserve the right to call for an ambulance to take your child to hospital.  Please be aware that there is an exclusion period for illnesses, infections and symptoms like fever and vomiting and the full policy is on your parent app.  If your child is well before the exclusion period ends or if the doctor states the symptoms are not contagious, please bring a fitness certificates from the doctor to ensure your child can return to the nursery.   If your child returns to the nursery with medication, please be aware of the following requirements:

  • a. All medication must be in the original packaging and bottle/container
  • b. Medication to be given by the nurse has to have a signed consent form attached to it.  Without the consent the child will not be given the medication.  Medication needs to be prescribed by a doctor.  
  • c. Medication will be returned to the parent at the end of the day.  

4. Terms and conditions

4.1 All amendments, deletion and additions to policies to the contract will be published on DC app and can be updated at any time.  

4.2 As per our separated families’policy, parents are required to provide a court order if their child is subject to one.  This is to ensure that all court orders are abided by, especially if the child is only allowed to be collected by one parent.