As per ministry requirements, we operate DOT approved school buses.  The children need to two years old and above to use the school bus and they need the appropriate car seat. We collect from areas on the Corniche and Khalidiya to Reem Island, Khaleej Al Arabi, Muroor and Airport Road areas, areas surrounding the school, Between Two Bridges and out to Khalifa City.  We also offer a bus during holiday club timings too.  Different bus collection points have different timings.   Speak to the registrar if you would like your child to use the school bus.  

As per policy, buses are checked as part of the daily school risk assessment for visual problems and are part of a termly risk assessment check.  All mileage and maintenance is tracked as part of our contract.  Buses are checked thoroughly and cleaned before and after every trip by the driver.  All ministry requirements are adhered to including driver and bus monitor training.  We have a number of monitors approved to ensure that we always have a bus monitor available. 

The bus drivers are vetted and copies of their bus driving licenses, approvals and id cards are kept on record.

All our bus monitors looking after the children while en route are female.  All have been ministry certified and trained to be a bus monitor, as has our driver.  The children are never left alone with a male driver.

All students travelling by bus are signed onto the bus by the parent and out of the bus by the staff members assigned to receive children.  The bus monitor has an emergency file with all emergency details for all children on the bus.  Any student not collected from home will activate the follow up procedure from the school where the student’s parents will be contacted within the hour of the school day by the receptionist to check the reason for the student’s absence.