How do We Measure School Success?

We collect surveys and feedback from staff, parents, suppliers and independent local and international assessors. We have parent representatives who give feedback at our Madafa Meetings. The action plans resulting from these comments and opinions feed directly into our school improvement plan. At the end of the year we measure the achievements against the plan and plan for the following year. It is a way to give all our stakeholders a voice.

How do we Measure What Your Child is Learning?

For Quality Assurance, we do class visits to observe our staff in action. Our deputy ensures the policies are being adhered to and as the health and safety monitor, she checks that our staff is doing what they are meant to do from checking how nappies are changed, if the staff are wearing the correct PPE to monitoring clinic visits. Our curriculum coordinator monitors teaching and learning in class throughout the term and meets with the teams weekly. Every child has a beginning of the year and end of the year assessment based on skills as well as UK curriculum early learning goals for the age group to help us measure your child’s progress and attainment. Children are graded as expected, exceeding, or emergent in line with UK requirements. Throughout the year Falcon children are assessed using numerous methods and the results are checked by the Academic Team, reported to the principal and regularly conveyed to parents via the parent app and parent meetings.

SEN Support

We consider ourselves an inclusive school. Our teaching staff and SENCO are happy to work with external support for all children to reach their potential. Please speak to our registrar if you would like your child to be part of our SEN support team.