Fees and Refund Policy FBN-PP-ACC-0003.23


We publish our fees online as an accreditation requirement and for transparency. Falcon British Nursery is an education service industry. This policy covers all times a child is on our premises. We are UK accredited, Eco Schools Green Flag accredited and are rated as an ADEK outstanding nursery.  Our aim is to offer high quality education and day-care and a safe and stimulating environment at a reasonable price for children in the UAE and to support working parents. 

Registration and academic terms :

There are 3 terms running from September to June.  We are open year-round and parents requiring holiday are need to see below.  Parents register children for a term during term time. Registration is weekly for holiday care as needed.  Registration forms are available online.   An approved place confirmation, along with the orientation pack will be sent by the registrar via email for the term you have registered for. Without an email confirmation from the registrar, the place for your child is not confirmed. You will be allocated a settling session for your child once you have fully registered for the term.  As you prefer, this will be either on premises or an e-session at a date and time agreed with the registrar prior to starting at Falcon at no extra cost.  A playdate for your child is organised before registration as and when needed by parent or nursery. If your child attends less than 5 days a week, they can attend any activity/event during normal nursery times at the time of the event without paying extra, even if it is on a day your child does not usually attend. 

Fees :

The registration fee is paid once on registering when the registration forms have been completed.  Registration fee is once off and are not refundable.  Parents who wish to register their child for a subsequent term will not need to pay the registration fee again. Parents wishing to hold their child’s place for the following term will be required to pay a 10% holding fee.  This is non-refundable if the place is not taken for the term requested.   Parents who withdraw the child mid term and require a refund of the remaining weeks will have to pay the registration fee again to re-register the child as the child will be de-registered off ADEK ESis and off the nursery systems and no longer be linked to the nursery.  In order to qualify for a proforma invoice, parents need to pay the registration fee (if new) and the holding fee (for all). Falcon British Nursery will not provide the invoice for the parent’s company without full fees being paid.  Fees need to be paid in full before the child has access onto the Falcon British Nursery premises.   By paying the fees, parents agree to all posilcies listed on the registration form.  All polices and approvals agreed by the parent can be accessed from the parent’s app and can be sent by email by the registrar.  Fees cover the time period they are paid for. For children returning for another term, the full term fees for the following term are due before the start of the new term.  Holding fees to keep the child’s place for the following term are due by 31st May for term 1.   15th November for term 2 and 28th February for term 3. Without the holding fee being paid, children on the waiting list will be offered the place for the following term. Without the full term fee being paid before the start of the new term, the place for the next term will be offered to children on the waiting list. If the term fees are not fully paid by the start of the new term, the child’s place will be cancelled due to non-attendance and non payment of the full term fee.  For returning children who have paid the 10% holding fee, but not paid their full term fees for the term, the place will be forfeited and it will be lost at the end of the first week of the new term to a waiting list child due to non payment of full term fees.  If starting mid term, new registrations pay a prorated fee from week 4 onwards.  For returning students, arriving mid-term and requesting prorated fees without prior full term fee or 10% holding fee payment for the full term, the registration process will begin from scratch and the registration fee will be required.

Documentation and ministry requirements :

All up to date documents need to have been submitted and forms completed online in order for the child’s lace for that term to be confirmed.  Parents need to update all outdated or expired documents or information as soon as they have changed it. Parents are responsible for keeping their documents and contact details up to date during the year.  The physical Emirates ID (EID) for the child has to be presented to the registrar to be uploaded onto the ADEK ESis system in order for children to be registered by ADEK. If new and awaiting the EID, approval will have to be sought from ADEK.  Transferring at the end of the term out of the nursery to a school may require a transfer on the ESis system. 

Support :

A child of determination may need a shadow or a therapist to see the child on premises or at home.  These fees or the parent. For children of determination, termly meetings will be held with parents to monitor the child’s progress and goals and meet with any therapists for home/school coordination.   We support our Falcon staff with free child places in our school.  Contact the HR manager if you wish to avail the discount.  Parents struggling to pay their fees due to financial hardship can email the principal directly with the details and any documentation you wish to submit.  The case will be presented to the management board at the next board meeting.  


During normal school, we offer a legal DOT bus service.  A completed signed bus agreement, location trial run of the bus route is taken and paid bus fees are required prior to the start of the bus service use.  Changing location will require a new map and new bus trial run to be signed.  If a returning student wishes to have bus service for the following term, the fee has to be paid prior to the start of the bus service.   Adverse weather or an unforeseen event may mean the bus service is delayed and we will keep parents informed as to when we will be able to safely collect / drop the child.   Some areas have bus service at certain times only.  Please check with the registrar. 

Refunds :

Any request for refund must be send by email and if approved, the date of refund is based on the date of the email received.  The nursery school does not accept verbal requests or Nursery mobile Whatsapp requests for refunds.  Refunds cannot be back dated. Address the refund request email to registrar@falconbritishnursery.com and CC accountant@falconbritishnursery.com and CC principal@falconbritishnursery.com.  Registration fees and holding fees as well as holiday extended care weeks and bus fees are not refundable and not transferable. A child leaving the nursery mid-term and requesting a refund for remaining weeks of that term will be deregistered from the app, ADEK and Falcon and will need to re-register if ever returning to the nursery.   

Term time: Withdrawing a child mid-term with a refund request will incur a deduction of 10% of the remaining week’s fees as an admin fee as well as the cheque fee.  The refund for the weeks not used will be refunded to the person / company that paid the fees. Transferring term fees before the start of that term to another term will not incur an admin fee.  The refund will include any discount if one was given at time of payment.  The refund will be calculated based on the fees paid to Falcon. 

Refund Exclusions: The following are not grounds for a refund : Taking a mid-term holiday/break, weather,  staying at home due to having visitors, government mandated closure, Ramadan, sickness/medical related.  Falcon British Nursery does not close for any half terms breaks.  All fees are inclusive of closures for UAE public holidays, ADEK/government or ministry directed closures, 25th December closure and the first day of the academic year closure.  Fees are not refundable for any reason for closure due to unforeseen circumstances.  Fees are inclusive of two inset staff training afternoons a year which may require an earlier closure than normal and Ramadan timings. 

Holiday Term:  The school’s academic calendar and holiday care weeks will be sent to the parent when joining and is on the website.  Once booked, holiday term care weeks are non-transferable and nonrefundable.  Holiday weeks being booked will need to be specified on the booking form and receipt at the same time as booking and payment received.

Bus fees :  Bus fees are non-refundable for the term. We use a 3rd party transport provider.

Voluntary fees:  If booked through Falcon British Nursery, voluntary fees not already paid or have been agreed to be paid to the supplier or organiser can be refunded as long as there is not a prepayment to the organiser and the date of the event or delivery has not occurred or the refund does not contravene the supplier / organiser’s fees and refund policy. 


If a parent’s company pays the fees, the company may request a letter proving the child attended nursery.  We will provide the parent with an official stamped letter stating that the child attended the nursery and for the dates and timings the child attended according to the registration.  Once the registration fee and holding fee has been paid, Falcon British Nursery can provide a proforma invoice (quote) for the parent to submit to the company. Falcon British Nursery does not accept any liability for external companies paying school fees that do not match what was claimed by an employee.  Corporate and sibling discounts apply to term time fees only.  Discounts do not apply to holiday care weeks or voluntary fees. Parents should produce company ID if claiming a corporate discount. Discounts cannot be joined.

Late fees, additional fees and timings:

Term and holiday care fees are linked to the time stated on the invoice.  Fees cover the time from drop off and time up to collection as stated on the receipt and invoice.. Late fees are charged at 50/- AED per hour. If you arrive before the start time or after the late time, double late / early fees apply. Late fees are due on the day they occur.  During normal hours, our nursery opens at 7am and closes at 6pm.  This may be changed during Ramadan and holiday times. Parents will be informed at the start of the term in the Falcon Gazette or it will be sent on parent app.  Curriculum linked school trips, services, goods, clubs or events are voluntary fees. Additional items like cookery containers, enrichment classes or uniforms may include VAT.  There may be an additional consent form to avail these items or services.