The Falcon is a symbol of UAE force, grace, pride, strength and courage.  It is linked to the nursery and the story of Farah and Fahim, our nursery falcon mascots.  Read their story below:

A few nights ago, the Falcon family were sitting in the family room.  Farah and Fahim sat next to next to mummy.  The 7 year olds looked alike because they were twins.

“Tell us our story.” pleaded Fahim.  “The one about us and how we came to be.” said Farah.

“When your daddy and I were very young, we lived in the desert.  When I got up in the morning, all I could see were sand dunes to the north, south, east and west.  There were no phones, TVs or computer games. Our family lived in camel hair tents that were packed up and moved when we travelled.

Our fathers rode camels to the nearest city to get the supplies we needed.  Our family traded camel milk and dates and we got flour and all the food we needed to survive.  We did not go to school.  My mother and aunties taught us what we needed to know.

I had only heard about the city from listening to family members talking, but one day we drove to the city in my uncle’s car.  Seeing the city was so much better than I could have imaged.  It was big and noisy and there were so many people walking on the streets.  It was the first time I had seen a school.  As we drove past, I saw children playing football in the playground and others sitting talking in groups.  I decided that day that when I was old enough, I would live in the city and my children would go to school to learn and have fun.

When daddy and I married, we left the old land and the sand dunes behind and found our home in the city.  When I found out I was going to have you two children, daddy and I started thinking of names and I remembered the children in the playground.  I wanted our children to always remember that life and school is about being happy while learning new things.  That is why we chose your names.  Fahim, your name means intelligence and Farah, your name means happiness. Together, they are the perfect combination.” explained mum.   “Intelligent happiness.”

“I love that story!” said Farah. “Ït is the story of how we came to be!” said Fahim.

Read more about Fahim and Farah’s adventures.  Farah and Fahim have it covered – our nursery comes to life with their stories allowing your child to become part of the tale.