What is a UK early years accreditation?

The eQuality counts accreditation is the only two year quality improvement scheme in the UK for nurseries promoting the highest levels of childcare and early education. It focusses on quality and practice against a set of best practice standards. The UK eQuality accreditation award recognises the highest level of achievement and exceptional practice in education as well as excellence in early years, which is a Falcon core value. As a service industry tasked with the safety, care and education of the next generation, we are well aware that it takes a village to raise a strong productive member of society and we are so grateful to the Falcon team, our Falcon students, Falcon parents and the many mentors, visitors and service providers who support us each and every day to continuously improve the quality of our service. Falcon will have the UK accreditation for 3 year before being re-inspected. NDNA’s Chief Executive, Purnima Tanuku OBE, states that to be awarded with e-Quality Counts, a nursery must show they are giving the highest levels of nursery care and education and are leading the way in early years excellence. They have to be above UK standards and that they stand out from the competitors. This is what parents are looking for. This is what makes the eQuality accreditation attractive to nurseries outside the UK who follow the EYFS framework against which nurseries in England are inspected.

How many other schools have UK accreditation?

As at July 2017 only 3 other schools have UK accreditation in the UAE and they are based in Dubai, UAE. We are extremely proud of our Falcon Team who work really hard to follow our mission, vision and values and provide the children of Abu Dhabi with the best education, and a safe and nurturing environment. We are delighted to be the first school in Abu Dhabi to get the prestigious UK accreditation award and the forth school in the UAE to get this coveted award.

What standards are assessed during accreditation?

As at July 2017 there are 12 standards assessed as part of the UK accreditation procedure. The following is assessed – management, staff, observations and reflection to inform practice, care, learning and development, environment, outings and visitors, equality and inclusion, safeguarding children, partnerships with parents/carers, nutrition, serving food and oral health, health and safety and babies.