Falcon British Nursery introduced e-learning in March 2020. We wanted to help parents who were looking for a premier education but were unable to bring their child to nursery school.

The program is designed to provide a 1-hour version of the school day for parents, relatives and carers to follow when at home with their child. Children will have access to our main subjects (STEM Lab, Falcon Fit, Wellbeing Class, Story Time, Art Attack, Cookery Class as well as English, Arabic and French tuition for preschoolers, FS1 and FS2 and a special program for babies and toddlers taught via live and pre recorded classes.

Want to register for e-learning?

It’s as easy as rhubarb pie. Parents who want e-learning classes for their children will be able to access the live and recorded lessons for 4 weeks by clicking on the Quick Pay option on the website and entering their credit card details on a secure site run by ADCB Bank.

They will be providing:

  1. their name,
  2. child’s name,
  3. child’s date of birth,
  4. phone number and email address in order for the registrar to contact them and register their child into our e-learning classes. Our weeks run Sunday to Thursday for 4 weeks. E-Learning classes start from the Sunday after registration and payment is received and runs for 4 weeks. The next 4 week session will be automatically renewed at the end of every month. To cancel the next session, email the registrar with the cancellation request and the child will be un-enrolled for the next 4 week session.

GOOD NEWS for children already registered for our on-premises classes for the term, you will automatically be given access to the e-learning program for that term so that if the child is absent due to appointments, travelling, illness or visiting relatives, they will still be able to follow the class and participate in the live session while they are away.

For videos we have categories

1) You are your child’s first teacher – videos for parent teachers

2) Take a peek inside:

  1. Events,
  2. A day in the life,
  3. Babies,
  4. English,
  5. Arabic / Islamic,
  6. French,
  7. STEM Lab,
  8. Falcon Fit,
  9. Story Time,
  10. Wellbeing