Training Cache 3 or above
  • Ability to work with staff without personal attachment or bias
  • Ability to evaluate system and processes
  • Ability to keep track of records and evaluate
  • Ablity to monitor and evaluate progress and attainment of children
  • Ability to create, collect and submit plans weekly, termly and yearly
  • Ability to evaluate effectiveness of plans

The position is designed to lead practioners and teaching staff at a professional level in order to promote an understanding and support the implementation of the EYFS curriculum in Falcon British Nursery, mentor staff to produce long and short term planning linked to theme and age and stage appropriate, and its impact on the children, with the aim of improving learning and teaching across the school.

Responsible for –

Coach, mentor and develop all teaching staff

Supervise support staff.


Work within schools policies and procedures to:

  • Meet with staff weekly.
  • Promote the progress, attainment and wellbeing of all children.
  • Support staff in create theme based role play areas
  • Help design classroom layout for supporting the curriculum and themes.
  • Support staff to create theme based and benchmarked (ELGs) lesson plans.
  • Monitor all lesson planning and send to the principal once a week on
  • Support staff to create theme based resources monthly.
  • Check age and stage appropriateness of lesson plans.
  • Support lesson planning for club and events
  • Help staff to focus on ELGs needed in lesson plans for students to achieve and how to plan next steps
  • Set high standards of education excellence.
  • Support staff to have both process and product activities in class as well as in the work sent home.
  • Support staff in producing a product based work folder for weekly work. Folder to be made into a book at the end of the academic year.
  • Support staff to focus on discipline in class as well as creating a happy, engaged the environment for children.
  • Support staff in safeguarding the children.
  • Support staff in safeguarding their own health and safety.
  • Contribute references and reports to outside agencies, and the like, in consultation
  • Provide CPD to help staff improve on their skills, which is minuted and put on the staff HR CPD records.


  • Support establishment and improvement of short, medium and long term plans.
  • Provide guidance on teaching methods as well as class control and how to create an enabling environment.
  • Monitor the lesson plans have both TA and teacher lead components and uses the school facilities
  • Monitor the progress and attainment of the students. Keep records to show progress and attainment across the terms and years.
  • Support purchasing of resources by meeting with the principal to provide age and stage appropriate resources that support the lesson plan.

Support creating theme based areas in classes.


Support the implementation of the mission, values vision and policies of the school.
Develop positive work relationships with staff and motivate staff to improve themselves
Develop, implement, monitor and maintain policies and practices which reflect the school’s commitment to education excellence and are linked to the requirements of Ofsted/ADEC/MOE.
Create a schedule of termly class observations in conjunction with the floor supervisor. Observations need to be monitored by peers, curriculum coordinator, principal and HR.


  • Evaluate the learning and teaching of the school and keep records.
  • Evaluate the impact of the curriculum delivery.
  • Evaluate the quality of teaching.
  • Evaluate the staff’s knowledge of jolly phonics, initial sounds of words, pencil control, letter and number formation, child lead learning
  • Support team members at parent meetings and answer curriculum related questions.


  • Make effective use of staff expertise and assist the Deputy and Principal in the performance appraisals as well as management and development of staff.
  • Develop coaching and mentoring systems for staff development
  • Plan, delegate and evaluate work across the classes to ensure quality
  • Promote a creative and collaborative work environment.
  • Create, maintain and enhance effective staff relationships.
  • Work with colleagues to implement monitoring systems to ensure the support and development of all staff work within the school.
  • Lead groups for team building activities and evaluate the outcomes of these.


  • Identify resources needed to meet the student needs with regard to the EYFS curriculum and children with EAL or SEN.


  • Meet with the principal weekly to discuss issues with curriculum or implementation, give a forum to ideas and plan strategically.
  • Compliance with school policies and guidelines on the curriculum.
  • Any other duties which reasonably fall within the purpose of the post.
  • Meet with the principal once a week for updates