• Nursing Qualification
  • Minimum 1 year’s experience
  • Advanced life support
Concise English
  • Aware of and willing to promote the school’s health and safety policies and practices.
  • Purpose of School nursing
  • Facilitate positive student responses to normal development
  • Promote health and safety
  • Intervene with actual and potential health problems
  • Provide case management services
  • Collaborate with others to build student and family for adaptation, self management, self advocacy and learning
  • Able to lead a team of nurses and support staff.
  • Provide training for staff.
  • Accuracy in medicine provision and record keeping.
  • Able to be prepared for doctors’ visits /prepare for health authority inspections.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Tablet
Experience working with student or in a school environment.

Reporting to the deputy/supervisor, principal, HR manager

HAAD Responsibilities and Roles of the School Nurse :

  • General responsibilities
  • Provides direct healthcare to student & staf
  • Provides leadership for the provision of health service
  • Provides screening and referral for health conditions
  • Promotes a healthy school environment
  • Promotes health
  • Leadership role for health policies and programs
  • Liaison between school personnel, family, community, and health care providers
  • The role of the school nurse encompasses both health and educational needs.

Direct care Responsibilities

  • Performs comprehensive & systematic health assessment
  • Analyzes data to identify health problems
  • Develops individualized healthcare plan and refers for further follow up (children with chronic conditions or special needs)
  • Manages and updates plan and communicates it to concerned personnel
  • Provides ongoing health information to students, parents and school authorities
  • Plans, implements and supervises school health screening programs
  • Directs immunization program
  • Administers medications as per HAAD guidelines
  • Documents care & maintains records
  • Reports school health data (identifies health issues)

Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Development of plans and training staff in emergencies and disasters
  • Maintain confidentiality in communication and documentation
  • Appropriate delegation of care (initial assessment, training, competency validation, supervision, and evaluation)

Screening and referral Responsibilities:

  • Screening: vision, hearing, posture, body mass index, etc
  • Refer in timely manner
  • Recognize any deviation from normal growth development and behavior

Promote healthy school environment Responsibilities

  • Provides physical and emotional safety Implement precaution against blood borne pathogens and infectious diseases
  • Implement precaution against blood borne pathogens and infectious diseases Monitors immunization
  • Monitors immunization Assures appropriate exclusion and re-entry into school
  • Assures appropriate exclusion and re-entry into school Promote healthy school environment
  • Promote healthy school environment
  • Reports communicable diseases
  • Assesses the physical environment (playground, indoor air quality, review illness or injury)
  • Participates in developing a plan for prevention and management of hazards
  • Assesses emotional environment of school (bullying, violence)

Promotes Health Responsibilities

  • Provides health education to students, parents, teachers & communities
  • Assists in development of health education curriculum
  • Promotes health in school health councils
  • Collaborates with staff, students, parents and other professionals to assess health needs and develop a school health plan
  • Prepares statistical reports on health promotion
  • Promotes Health activities for HAAD and ADEC and other government entities

Acts as role model in promoting a healthy lifestyle

Leadership for health policies and programs Responsibilities

  • Health expert within school system
  • Leader in development and evaluation of school health policies, procedures including Health promotion and protection
  • Coordinates school health program
  • School wellness policies
  • Crisis / disaster management
  • Emergency medical condition management
  • Mental health protection and intervention
  • Acute illness management
  • Infectious disease prevention and management
  • Documents and prepares report (legal, regulatory and policy requirements)
  • Utilizes critical thinking, time management, problem solving skills in management of care
  • Adapts leadership and management style to changing circumstances
  • Engages in research and evaluation of school health services
  • Acts as change agent for school health programs and school nursing practices.
  • Serves as liaison between school, home and community
  • establish working relationship with pediatricians to ensure individualized health plans are executed
  • communicates with family through phone written communication
  • communicates with community health providers and agencies ensuring confidentiality
  • Develops community partnerships to promote health of community

Coordinate and collaborate responsibilities

  • Act as resource person in promoting health
  • Maintains supplies and equipment in the school clinic according to HAAD requirements for nursery schools
  • Ensures accessibility of school health services to all student and staff
  • Keeps daily log (DC app or paper) to list students who visit the nurses office or needs special attention

Accountability Responsibilities

  • Accepts accountability for own actions and decision making
  • Practices within the scope of practice
  • Maintains competency
  • Seeks guidance in situations beyond scope of practice
  • Practices within the legal framework of UAE.
  • Maintains current license to practice
  • Practices in accordance with national, jurisdictional legislations
  • Demonstrates knowledge and follows the policies and procedures
  • Follows the UAE nursing code of conduct
  • Advocates protection of human rights and reports any violation in accordance with jurisdiction and code of conduct

Maintains confidentiality

Demonstrates sensitivity to diversity in culture and religion.

  • Assumes responsibility for professional development
  • Ensures continuing competency (BLS, PALS)
  • Maintains record of learning and professional development activities
  • Promotes and maintains a positive image of nursing
  • Uses nursing research and best practice guideline
  • Represents nursing profession in relevant committees, taskforce, board or forums.
    (NASN, 2002; AAP, 2008; HAAD 2010)

HAAD Nurse- student ratio according to NASN(1995),

  • Usually 1 nurse per 750 students;
  • 1 nurse per 225 students when students require daily nursing interventions
  • 1 nurse per 125 students when students have complex needs

General Falcon Requirements for all nursing staff:

  • To enable medical requirements as per health authority regulations detailed above.
  • To provide continuity of care to babies and students in the nursery.
  • To motivate wellbeing and health among staff and students.
  • Ensure the safety of the students and ensure the school environment is maintained in accordance to health authority guidelines by sending a weekly report to the principal to highlight problems and issues.
  • Create, maintain and update student’s medical files, DC and the admin information group.
  • Maintain student reports accurately and ensure they are up to date.
  • Maintain clinic as per health authority requirements ensuring all equipment and medicine is fit for use.
  • Maintain First Aid Kits, Transport First Aid Kits and any other medical supplies.
  • Maintain the daily accident and incident log (paper or DC App), get signatures of parents monthly (DC app) or daily (whoopsy note) and send information on accidents and incidents to parents and to admin group. Follow up with admin to ensure parents have been contacted and provide feedback for admin to relay to parents while child remains in the clinic.

Implement the procedures for health and safety.

Keep up to date with all policy updates and update HAAD file.

Administer first aid to students and staff as needed.

Attend courses as required by the health authority.

Observe staff working for you to ensure they maintain quality standards.

Examine, observe and measure vitals of the patient and decide if further medical attention is needed. Give guidance to the principal. Support the update of the critical incident assessment. Liaise with the school doctor and ensure every child has a termly doctor’s report in their file and a copy sent home. Report to the accountant, HR manager and registrar if a child is not seen by the doctor. Work with auditors or doctors when files inspected.

Liaise with the school doctor and ensure every child has a termly doctor’s report in their file and a copy sent home. Report to the accountant, HR manager and registrar if a child is not seen by the doctor. Work with auditors or doctors when files inspected.

Monitor and maintain growth and physical development records of students.

Measure height and weight of student at the start of academic term and the end.

Refer to school doctor for deviations.Have a waiting room available outside the clinic. Assist the school doctor in examining the students as required.

Have a waiting room available outside the clinic. Assist the school doctor in examining the students as required.
Prepare supplies/ equipment for the medical examination.
Pre-weigh and measure height of all students prior to medical examination.

Check and ensure that all medical findings and recommendations are recorded in the student’s health file.
Work with the SENCO to get the list of children needing to be assessed by the doctor for special education needs. Refer promptly students with signs of visual, hearing or learning disabilities.
Assess students to detect early signs and symptoms of health problems.

Do temperature checks / or supervise temperature checks and keep log records in the clinic of daily temp checks. Inform principal if high temps in a specific class or you notice a trend.

Refer students with fever, rashes or unusual behavior to their doctor.
Isolate children who are ill or who have fever.

Transfer student to hospital if required and go with the child / adult in the ambulance.

Supervise School Trips or deputize another nurse to go on the trip.

Monitor and treat children in accordance to the HAAD advanced life support manual.

Report presence of potential hazards in the school and baby room.

Provide lectures to parents and staff related to health and safety during the year. Work in partnership with student, parents and the school doctor to address issues.

Provide yearly nappy changing, sterilizing for all and 0-2 age group training for staff who have children of this age group.

Initiate program changes as needed.

Notify parents of immunization requirements if they need support.

Monitor compliance of school health program with local requirements.

Maintain security of school health supplies.

Maintain and submit required records and reports as per guidelines.
Complete all the prescribed forms and submit as per specified date and frequency.

Follow policies and procedures.

Get involved in the care of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school age, adults and SEN students
Support maintaining a safe environment for student, staff and visitors to the school.

Supervise student off site on school trips and other external visits or send a nurse who is pediatric first aid trained.

Be competent in your work.

Send a weekly report to the principal including evaluations and recommendations as per specification.