Registrar Job Description Falcon British Nursery

Qualifications: Qualification related to the job

Years of Service: 1-2 minimum

Competence skills and ability
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize
  • Excellent organizational ability
  • Be able to work autonomously and in a team
  • Able to communicate effectively with students, parents and other staff
  • Ability to follow through on a parent problem from start to end.
  • Able to promote the school
  • Ability to use camera photocopier, computer, DVD and digital media
  • Ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and Outlook
  • Arabic and English
  • Must have flexibility to follow through on an issue so the parent feels they have been listened to and the issue is resolved.
  • Ability to work positively with visitors and parents
  • Ability to take initiative in coordinating and organizing activities and events
  • Ability to accurately collect, organize and maintain data and information for reports
Worked in a school environment
  • Confident in literacy and numeracy skills
  • Minimum of one year’s relevant experience
Business or Secretarial
Personal requirements
  • Able to deal with stress effectively in a fast paced office environment
  • Clear and understandable English Professionally discreet and able to respect confidentiality
Focused and hardworking

For larger schools, the job of registrar may be divided between more than one member of the front desk admin team.

Reporting to the principal, owner, partner and senior leadership team

Main Duties

Duties and Responsibilities

The main objective of the Registrar and Parent and Visitor Liaison is to establish a formal means of effective communication between parent and school and visitor and school as well as improving response times to resolving issues and ensuring parents feel their issues have been dealt with effectively.

Complete the task log as one of the admin front desk team to an accurate and high standard.

  1. Report to the principal daily by group and verbally and by report weekly especially if issues ariseDuties and Responsibilities
    Be the primary point of contact parents and families through phone calls, emails and meetings at school in order to encourage participation in school activities and events as well as doing weekly calls to parents and visitors to get feedback information on how they like the school and if there is anything to be changed. Know the parents of the school.
  2. Be the point of contact for the parents and visitors for issues faced.  Ensure they are heard, follow up during the day and daily thereafter until the issue is resolved and record all from beginning to closure of the complaint on the server.   Maintain an accurate complaints and compliments log on the server.   Set up meetings and review CCTV as required.Update the management with the weekly report.
  3. Provide information to parents regarding our policies on DC App.
  4. Book visits to the school for potential children and for children that need a settling in session.  Follow up with potential students and their families.
  5. Be the liaison for hospital visits.  Contact absent children’s parents daily and send a follow up on DC App.
  6. Contact outside community agencies for the purpose of seeking resources and activities and parent training opportunities.
  7. Contact external companies in regards to securing discounts for their staff members.
  8. Supporting the MADAFA group as well as sitting in on meetings to take minutes and understand the requirements of the parent representatives.
  9. Support marketing – Provide letters, bulletins, announcements, calendars, notices, webpage information, articles, flyers, newsletters, community resources communication, curricular, technology, food services communication, special education information for parents.
  10. Contact local companies for field trips, events and visitors to the school.
  11. Perform other position-related duties as assigned by the principal.
  12. Maintain accurate records of all activities and parent conversations.
  13. Accurate student registers and supporting requirements for term time, bus, holiday, events, field trips.
  14. Update display board lists and documents as required.
  15. Update DC App and help parents who have issues with their app.
  16. Prepare for events, field trips, guest speakers etc
  17. Stock control and inventory where needed.