Are After-School Activities a Good Idea

It may seem like many families you know have their children doing after school activities. Whether dancing, music or sports, children aged 5 and above can experience activities that they do not have access to at school.

For very young children though, extra activities after pre-school can end up getting in the way of valuable free-play time and there is evidence to suggest that extra-curricular activities should be enjoyed by older children.

A 2017 study by an university found that while many parents encourage their children to participate in extracurricular activities, a very busy organized after school activity schedule can put considerable strain on parents’ resources and families’ relationships, as well as potentially harming children’s development and wellbeing. The study reported that these activities ate into quality family time with the child and that their children were always tired. The study suggested participating in activities that both parents and children can participate in and that younger children limit activities after school to one per week.

Falcon British Nursery have music, drama, art, science, sports, literacy and storytelling every week. There are additional enrichment classes in karate, football and ballet.

When children are involved in activities outside school, it can limit their free time. Many after-school activities are structured, with instructors telling children what to do and how to do it. This prevents children from having time to be creative. Unstructured play can provide children the opportunity to do things simply for fun and enjoyment. Teachers at Falcon British Nursery provide your kids with a good combination of structured activity and free play.

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