Introducing Kids to Other Cultures

As children get older they begin to become aware of other countries, cultures and ways of life that are different to theirs. It is important to introduce them to other cultures in an open-minded and positive way, so that they approach any differences with curiosity and interest, rather than mistrust or negativity. There are several ways that you can tackle this issue with your children, making sure that they are tolerant and open-minded towards other people.

  1. Food. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to introduce other cultures to children is through food. Find some delicious recipes from different places that you can make with your kids and talk to them about the places that the food comes from. Teachers at Falcon British Nursery can also talk to your children about what people eat in different places and how fun it can be to try new foods.
  2. Celebrate holidays. Another fun approach can be to find some celebrations from other cultures that you can celebrate at home or learn about. Holidays that involve special traditions, costumes, or celebrations can be really fun for your children to learn about.
  3. Learning through Geography. Geography and maps are another clear way that children can learn about other cultures. You can show your child a globe or map and point out the geography of the world and explain what each country is like. There are of course a lot of books and You Tube videos that can be used alongside this.
  4. Talking about the hard questions. Children are not born nervous around other cultures. Without adult influence, children will happily play with anyone. One reason why child may be nervous around other cultures is that they have been taught that they do not understand them or they are different. Having real, honest conversations about why people may have different skin colour, hair, speak differently or wear different clothing, is important to remove the “unknown” aspect of other cultures. The same is true for people of determination who may wear glasses or use a wheel chair or a crutch.
  5. Making a pen-pal. Children can connect with kids from other cultures by making pen pals from around the world. Some classrooms make projects where they contact other schools and find kids to connect with. This way your children can practice drawing skills and really get to know a child from another culture. It can help them to understand that no matter where they come from, other kids around the world are in many ways just like them.

At Falcon British Nursery your children are encouraged to learn about different cultures and talk about anything that they might know from their culture that is different or interesting to the other children in the nursery. All cultures and backgrounds are supported and approached with positivity, tolerance and respect.

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